What Advantages are there with Vaping vs Smoking?

The Advantages of Vaping Over Smoking

We all know that smoking is quite unhealthy and can have deadly effects on the smoker. Calling it quits if you have been smoking for the past few years is also easier said than done. If you are trying to quit smoking and not progressing, then you may want to give vaping a shot, as it has a couple of features that can help you avoid taking cigarettes. You can find more info here if looking for e-juice information. Here are a few benefits of vaping over smoking.



This is the most obvious and the best advantage of vaping. E-cigs have few severe effects on the health of the user compared to cigarettes. That is because vapes only contain nicotine and flavors that enhance the taste of the vape. It does not contain harmful ingredients such as tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, acetone, formaldehyde and other elements that are common in typical cigarettes. That means that you won’t be risking cancer and other health related issues by vaping.


E-cigs, unlike typical cigarettes, do not produce odor and residue. A person who’s vaping politely and efficiently exhales almost none of the vapor, and there’s no side stream emission like you get from a burning cigarette tip. As such, emissions are less invasive and pose no threat to the bystanders. As a matter of fact, most non-vapers find the smell of nearby vaping quite pleasant thanks to the flavors in the e-juice. Of course, there are locations where vaping might be obtrusive such as restaurants, trains, buses and enclosed spaces. However, in places like bars, parks and any other locations where individuals might want to vape, it’s no more obtrusive than eating or taking a cup of coffee.


Vaping is socially acceptable in numerous places where smoking is not, all thanks to the minimal aesthetic impact and lack of health effects on the bystanders. Not having to go outside somebody’s office or a bar to hit a vape is a huge benefit over smoking. It is ideally a huge motivation for smokers who wish to try e-cigs. That is not all, the option of quickly pulling out an e-cig and hitting two puffs to deliver as much nicotine as a typical cigarette, rather than having to light and smoke a whole one gives significant benefits for many individuals.

As you can see, vaping has quite substantial benefits over smoking cigarettes. So, if you are tired to smoking and find it hard to quit, you might want to give e-cigarettes a shot. If you want to look at some in depth reviews check out the Best Vape Mod – Buyer’s Guide